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Never worry about a check getting lost in the mail again. Paying your bill has never been easier. Thanks to our partnership with diversified technology, we can process your payment in three easy steps.

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Documents and Forms

Looking for a specific sanitary authority form?

Follow our links below to get a PDF copy of the following forms:

Sewage Lien Letter Dye Test - APPLICATION FOR RESIDENTIAL Dye Test - APPLICATION FOR COMMERCIAL Presale Testing Fees Presale Owner Responsibilities Pre Sale Procedures ALCOSAN'S Clean Water Assistance Fund

UPDATE 3/14/23 -Due to the PUC doubling what the PMA asked for is the reason we are forced to increase the rates by $4.50 per 1,000 gallons. We also unfortunately incurred higher electric fees on our pump stations as well as fuel cost for our vehicles and insurance. This is all due to inflation, which is beyond our control.



Below are a few freqently asked questions. If you can not find an answer to your question, contact us at: (412) 823-0629.

Do you offer payment arrangements?

We offer payment arrangements up until the due date of the disconnect letter.

How do I sign up for sewage?

If you have recently purchased a property in North Versailles, you will need to contact the water authority to set up new service and they will automatically send those records to our sewage department.

Why is my sewage bill so much higher than my water bill?

Your sewage bill is based on your water usage, however our rates are higher than MAWC & WPJ water authorities.

Where can I pay my bill and who do I make it out to?

We accept cash, check, money order, and we now offer online bill pay (there is a $3.00 surcharge for every $100.00). Please make checks payable to N.V.T.S.A.

I just filled my swimming pool, how do I get my sewage bill adjusted?

Unfortunately, North Versailles Township Sanitary Authority does not offer that ordinance. Any water that goes through your meter is billed for sewage as well.

Do you have auto-draft?

No, we do not offer automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account. If you use online banking, you can set up through your bank to send us a check but we do not offer auto-draft.

Why are property owners responsible to pay when their tenants do not?

Sewage is a lienable utility and stays with the property, making the owner of the property responsible for any unpaid sewage bills. We advise all property owners who rent and/or lease properties to request a bill copy.

What is the ACT 537/surcharge plan on my sewage bill?

The Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act (Act 537) was enacted to correct sewage disposal problems and to help treat wet weather flows.

What are N.V.T.S.A.’s hours of operation?

NVTSA is open Monday – Friday from 8:30am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-4:15pm

How do I request a sewage no-lien and/or DOC cert application for a dye test?

Please visit the documents & forms section on our website for all documents.

How can I contact NVTSA?

Please call the office during normal business hours at 412-823-0629 with any questions.

How do I request a final bill?

Please contact the water authority to perform a final reading on your meter. All information will then be passed on to the sewage department.

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